Mr Morris has busy private practice. He sees most of his patients at the New Victoria Hospital in Kingston upon Thames where he also does most of his surgical operations. He also has regular clinics in the New Malden Diagnostic Centre in New Malden and sees patients in ad hoc clinics at BMI Coombe Wing at Kingston Hospital. He has regular once a week clinics in central London. He has admission rights at Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon, Kingston Hospital and the Portland Hospital in London

You can contact Karolina Lason his PA on 01372 801818 for appointments in any of the above places. Appointments can also be booked directly by the relevant hospitals/clinics.

​Detailed schedule can be found here:


Fees for most of the main outpatients procedures can be found here:

Please note that these fees are charged by Mr Morris for the mentioned procedures only and do not include consultation fees that accompany most these outpatients procedures.

These fees do not also include any hospital charges for the use of their facilities. Please enquire with the relevant hospital/clinic (New Victoria Hospital - 020 8949 9641, New Malden Diagnostic Centre - 020 3277 0160, BMI Coombe Wing - 020 8934 2875, Harley Street Health Centre - 020 3740 3616) for any hospital charges.

For any other Mr Morris' charges that are not mentioned here, please contact Karolina his PA on 01372 801818.