ThermiVa FAQ

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa​ treatments deliver controlled thermal energy to the desired areas - external (labia) and/or internal (vagina). This treatment gently heats tissue to stimulate new collagen, improving vaginal laxity. This gently and effectively treats symptoms of painful or unsatisfactory intercourse, vaginal dryness and soreness, difficulty to hold urine, accidental leaks and needing to urinate too frequently. 
Who is a candidate?

Any woman affected by childbirth, natural aging process, menopause or just wanting to restore her vagina area. 


  • Mild to moderate vaginal prolapse
  • Mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence
  • Postmenopausal vaginal dryness
  • Loose vagina
  • Physical sexual difficulties after treatment of breast cancer
  • For vulval and vaginal skin rejuvenation

Are there any contraindications?

  • cardiac devices such as AICD's (auxiliary internal cardiac devices), defibrillators, mechanical valves, pacemakers, or any device that is affected by RF energy. 
  • pregnancy
  • active sexually transmitted diseases or current urinary tract infection
  • greater than a stage 2 pelvic organ prolapse
  • recent vaginal surgery or had vaginal fillers

Does it work?

Yes! In a recent clinical trial 93% of women reported improvement of vaginal laxity and statistically significant improvements in sexual functioning following ThermiVa series of three treatments. This improvement was retained at one year follow-up. 

Is it painful?

No, ThermiVa uses gentle radiofrequency heat to stimulate the tissues, increase blood flow and get functionality back where it used to be with no pain, no need for anaesthesia and in a comfortable way. 

Is there any downtime?

No, you can resume your normal activities, including work, intercourse, bathing, swimming and hot tubs on the same day. 

How many sessions are needed?

Three treatments, four weeks apart. One top us session might be needed after one year, agreed with doctor upon his recommendation, as well as a maintenance plan for the future years. 


How do I prepare for the procedure?

  • It is recommended to have a normal smear test within the previous three years. If you have frequent urinary tract infections it may be best to have a urine analysis done prior to your procedure. If you are prone to herpes outbreaks please let us know as may want to prescribe an antiviral prior to the treatment. 
  • One day before your treatment we will ask you to drink extra 4-6 glasses of water to increase hydration. 
  • If you wanted the treatment to include the external area, we will ask you to shave the external treatment area at least one day prior to the procedure (waxing or laser hair removal 5-7 days prior to avoid further irritation).
  • Menstruation is not contraindicated, however, if the flow is too heavy and for your own comfort it may be best to reschedule. 
  • If you wear jewellery we may need to ask you to take it off before the treatment. 

What happens during the procedure?

  • Just before the treatment we will ask you to empty your bladder
  • You will then lie down on the treatment coach with legs apart supported at the knees.
  • A "grounding pad" (square shaped sticky pad) will be placed on the upper thigh.
  • The treatment "wand" pictured above covered with warm gel will be gently introduced inside the vagina and moved up and down where you will feel gentle pressure and some heat sensation.
  • When the front vaginal wall is being treated you will feel a sensation of desire to empty your bladder.
  • The internal treatment takes 20 minutes.
  • If you opted also to have the external treatment, a warm pressure sensation will be felt on the external and then internal labia as well as the clitoris while the wand covered by a generous amount of warm gel is moved systemically to cover the whole area.
  • The external treatment takes 20 minutes
  • After the treatment the excess gel is wiped off. Most women feel a sense of tightening very soon after a treatment session. This sensation is enhanced further after each subsequent session.

What can I expect after the treatment?

If the treatment is done on the external area, your skin may be slightly pink to red, swollen and warm to touch for approximately one hour after the procedure. There may be some mild cramping but this should resolve in 24 hours. Some light spotting may occur immediately post procedure. You should be able to resume your normal physical and sexual activity straight after the procedure unless you are spotting in which case we would recommend that you wait one day for it to settle. ​​